We provide Personal Training, Small Group sessions, Bootcamps and exclusive On Demand classes so that you can access one of our workouts from wherever you are! 

Personal Training sessions can be held under the bridge in Walton On Thames or at The Wey Centre 66B York Road (a personal training studio in Weybridge)!

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About Tigerfit UK

Hi I’m Lily, I began my journey in the fitness industry in 2016 by achieving my Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification. I went on to gain experience teaching lots of classes in different gyms in the Surrey area and running outdoor bootcamps myself. I then went on to qualify as a Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Aqua and Spin Instructor. I also developed my own high energy urban dance based class, STREETBOX®.

I launched my own business in 2018 and TigerFit UK was born!
TigerFit offers face to face personal training and group fitness as well as a wide range of pre-recorded on demand content that covers all aspects of exercise.

I love to see people having fun in our sessions together, working hard towards their personal goals and feeling stronger and happier with every workout!


Personal Training


I started doing Lily’s Streetbox classes, a year ago and after initial nerves about trying something new, I actually fell in love with it and it became my new addiction! Lily is full of smiles and fun and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious! I say it’s the most fun you can have sober! Like clubbing in the daytime!
Lily’s energy pours through the screen online and gives me the same feeling that the actual classes did! Plus I get to access all her other fab classes too!
I also absolutely love her PT sessions, they are always different and her energy keeps me motivated and makes me push myself further than I ever have before! I would highly recommend both her classes and her PT sessions!

Couples Sessions

Motivating, enthusiastic and hard core are just a few ways in which I would describe Lily! I signed up for personal training after attending just one of her HIIT classes; Lily has been my PT for almost two years now and I would highly recommend her! Every session is high energy and has completely transformed my workouts to include high impact, strength training and core fitness.  Nicola

I have been doing 1-2-1 fitness training with Lily for a couple years, incorporating a blend of HIIT and strength training. From correcting my form to pushing my burpee reps to the max, Lily is an all-round fantastic trainer and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness and strength.

Nicola & Geoffrey

I absolutely love my PT sessions with Lily! I never thought I’d say that about any form of exercise! But Lily keeps them really varied, she really pushes me and challenges me to achieve more, while also being my cheer leader. If you are even thinking about having a PT, you will love Lily!!

Nicki Young

I’ve been doing Lily’s classes for three years and simply love them. The energy Lily brings to class along with the music and moves makes me feel pumped. Totally addictive!